Buck Mark Firing Pin?

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by serenity, Jun 1, 2007.

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    I was cleaning my Buckmark after a day at the range (had a few misfires and i guess I got a little agressive) and I pulled the extractor back and the plunger decided it wanted to be free and is now somewhere in the garage.

    anyway, I was experiencing FTF and FTE so I wanted to make sure the entire slide assy was clean, and was thinking about replacing the firing pin spring.

    has anyone here ever replaced a spring in a buckamark?

    here is a link with a photo of the internals. #11 wandered off and isn't worth the effort of tying to find (after 45 minutes I've given up), and #14 is what I think I have to replace.
    I think I have to drive #13 out (roll pin) and the firing pin/spring will come out.
    The last question is about the firing pin roll pin (#13 in the drawing) removal. Is there a certain way you have to push the pin out? from the left or right? does the pin need replacing if it is removed?
    I can't find a good tear down of the Buckmark other than field stripping.


    Any insight, or should I just send it back to Browning for service?
  2. HadEmAll

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    My extremely amateur opinion is that the roll pin is shown in the diagram as inserted from the left, so would be driven out safely from the right. But it might not matter. Most roll pins aren't tapered.

    Have you had your Buckmark long? Mine would initially not extract standard velocity .22s, but after a couple of hundred rounds that went away.

    Best of luck with your situation. Have you trolled the garage with a magnet?

  3. Jay

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    You may remove the firing pin retaining pin from either side. It's not in there super tight, and does not need to be completely removed..... just enough to lift the firing pin out of it's channel.

    When you're putting things back together, put your parts and hands inside a large plastic bag. Guess how many parts I lost before someone told me to try that trick?