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    Some time ago I posted asking about this manufacturer and no one had heard of it. Well a couple of weeks ago one of my neighbors asked me to look at a muzzle loader that he was thinking of buying. It was that same Buck Country Arms. He'd never shot black powder and knew that I used my CVA Wolf and a couple of revolvers. I took the Buck Country home and took it apart to inspect it. I got the #10 nipple off of the plug (it had grease or some kind of anti-seize on it, and then I used an automotive drag link socket to remove the plug. The barrel looked new and unfired. I ran a patch or two through it and they came out clean. I don't think it had ever been fired. After re-assembling it with new anti-seize, I had to try it. The sights weren't anything to brag about, but it was very accurate, sighted in for about 100 yards. I shot three .50 cal balls out of it and had to clean it again. I took it back to my neighbor and gave it high marks. It was totally enjoyable to shoot!

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    Nice. It was good to help out a friend and you got a touch of shooting in while you were at it.

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    People need more friends like you.