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    I remember when I was in scouts things where actually more challenging. I was sitting in on a meeting with one of my younger cousins and they were talking about camping. They were bringing things like camps stoves, a fold up toilet, and a big Tupperware bin loaded with food. I don't know about the rest of yall but when I went camping in scouts you cooked food over a fire, took a dump in a hole you had to dig, and you wanted it you had to bring it with you on your back. Kids have it way to easy now a days, we did wilderness survival for a week with nothing but a knife and a small emergency ration. If you where lucky you got a lighter or a small thing of matches. What ever happened to challenging kids, now it's pretty much living at home with dirt floors.
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    Nanny states of america. Thats what happened. They dont even let kids keep sports scores play smear the queer anymore or dodge ball. Camping outdoors without trailer home??? What kind of beast are you??? Heh

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    Here in AZ were not allowed to use a fire during the summer, you must use some kind of stove. If they catch you with a fire (or even smoking outside your car) when your camping, be prepared to pay some BIG fines.... Seems a few idots a year set the desert on fire......