BSA mil-mil FFP vs. Primary Arms mil-mil FFP

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    I'm considering getting a First Focal Plane scope for my AR. I'd like a Nightforce but have a Barska budget. So I was pleased to find both BSA and Primary Arms offer a 4-14x 44mm mil-mil FFP scope for comparable prices. Any owners or users want to offer advice or personal experience with these scopes? I don't expect much from a low end scope but would like to get some in the field experience before shelling out for the good stuff.;)
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    Any particular reason you want a FFP? Unless you are really going to use the scope for ranging targets of unknown ranges,and actually know how to use a Mil-dot system,the FFP really serves no other purpose.A SFP is almost as easy to use for ranging targets as long as you know what magnification the Mil-dots are set up for.Each mfg has their own system,but you can modify it if your good at math,and use the Mil-dots at other magnifications.
    I have both FFP and SFP scopes,and prefer SFP over FFP scopes. At longer ranges,a FFP reticle can cover up whatever your wanting to shoot.

    Do yourself a favor and pass on the cheap optics,you'll regret wasting your money. Most of them don't have the adjustment ability to shoot at long range,the glass is poor grade,and they don't track or repeat very well or true.
    Save up some money,and buy a decent scope.You'll never regret it!

    This scope would be a decent starting point- Riflescope Side Focus Mildot Reticle Matte

    If you don't have to have a Mil-dot reticle,you might take a look at the Weaver. I have 2 of these in 6-24x50,and the glass is excellent,tracking is great,and they repeat zero excellent. This was Weaver's top of the line scope before they came out with the Super Slam series. Riflescope Illuminated Dual-X Reticle Matte

    Or Weaver offers this with a Mil-dot,but I don't know if they are very good scopes. Riflescope Illu, Mil-Dot Reticle Matte

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    Listen to TX. He speaks the truth.

    If you've absolutely, positively got to have an economy scope, take a hard look at Burris tactical scopes. Not top end, but definitely not the bottom either.