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    OK, I have a young man that wants to get into evening/night hunting Coyotes. He was set on a 32mm scope and I explained the advantage of a 40mm scope. Both are IR. The gunshop he goes to is telling him that the 40mm will give him a wider field of view not more light transmitstion for the same power setting. Why do this unless they are clueless? Both scopes are the same model or the 40mm is a better qaulity. Seems to me he wants to clear out his bad buy. Your thoughts.

    Edit: Bushnell shows a 41ft FOV at 3x w/ a 32mm and a 37ft FOV on a 40mm for the same model.
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    FOV has nothing to do with Objective lens diameter. NONE AT ALL The 40mm will let in slightly more light than the 32mm obj. For night hunting I would go with the biggest objective in the best scope in your price range I could find.

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    Maybe he didnt have the scope he wanted and wanted to "sell" him the other one.