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    has anyone used a brunton scope-----any info would be helpful
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    Never heard of them before. Went to web sights selling them but couldn't find a company websight for them. Most expensive one they sell is $244.00 or so that I can see and thats for a 6-24X50mm scope. It also says the reticle is etched onto the glass, whatever that means. Propably a Asian country import but not sure as I cant find their company website. From what I saw the tube diameter of the scope on the pictures looks small as well. I'd be leary of this one and only buy if you can have it in your hand and look thorugh it first. Just my opinion.

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    I felt nice, so I moved this to the proper section, rather than deleting it like I normally do.

    I've used Brunton instruments and compasses quite extensively and with very good luck. My altimeter/barometer and declinometer are both older Brunton units. They have both gotten a little beat up over the years, but still function perfectly.

    Looking at the prices and their warranty and based upon my experience with their equipment, I'd pick one up to try out.

    Brunton Rifle Scopes
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    I have not used any of the Brunton rifle scopes, but have used many Brunton optical products over the years with fine results.