Browning T-Bolt Varmint

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    This is a nice little rifle I picked up recently so I thought I'd share it.

    What makes the Browning T-Bolt different to any other varmint rimfire is the straight pull action. It consists of regular looking bolt, but the handle cams back and forth, which inserts the bolt's twin lugs into holes either side of the raceway. Here is the bolt as it appears when the action is closed with both lugs visible: [​IMG]

    Here it is when the bolt is pulled back, releasing the lugs from the raceway: [​IMG]

    Here's a good photo showing the tang safety, raceway and lug holes: [​IMG]

    This action is one that loves being thrashed; the faster the better. Not once have I had a hang-up or any other issue feeding, and I've put probably 2500 rounds through it already. Ejection is positive, throwing spent cases up to a metre clear from a prone position, and more or less directly to the side. The bolt also has a cocking indicator on the firing pin, the red part slides under a C clamp when the rifle is uncocked: [​IMG]

    The magazine on the rifle also sets it apart. Called the 'Double Helix' it arranges 10 rounds in an inside down question mark configuration in a clear plastic housing. Feeding rounds into the mag is accomplished by twisting a rotor with your LH thumb, and thumbing a single round into the exposed gear with your RH. After a bit of practice it becomes simple. One thing to consider though is that unless seated properly, shorts will not engage the gear mechanism properly and will make it hard to fill. It's a simple fix though, just whack the magazine against the palm of your hand to seat the rounds right to their base.

    The rifle is well finished with deeply blued metal and a satin finished stock. It is checkered at both the pistol grip and along the forearm: [​IMG] Eventually, I'm going to sand back the lacquer and oil the stock to show it off a bit more, but it goes ok now I reckon: [​IMG]

    Accuracy is more than enough for my simple needs; the rifle's purpose is that of a fun plinker and subsonic bunny buster out to 75 metres, beyond that I've got a HMR and my .223 to play with. Here are some groups I shot this morning:
    Both of these groups were shot as fast as I could pull the trigger from 50 metres. The subsonic rounds faired much better:

    Most certainly MOB..... Minute Of Bunny!

    The only real disappointment with this rifle is the trigger; while it is crisp, even lightened right off it's as heavy as buggery. I'm going to look into it further; I'm sure those groups can shrink even further and make this rifle even more fun to shoot.

    To finish here's some pics of the rifle side by side with a CZ 452 Varmint Nickel on 17HMR; both are excellent little rifles. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.