Browning T-bolt: Ground-hog Gun

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    I own a lot of .22lr firearms a few were inherited and a lot more were purchased. I can’t seem to walk away from a gun show without a .22lr in hand. One of the rifles I inherited is an old model browning T-bolt. I never had much use for it as it didn’t perform as well as some of my bolt actions off the bench and my normal hunting .22lr is my Mossberg 46m. It always just seemed like an odd little rifle with a very fast action. So it spent a lot of time in the gun safe guarding dust bunnies.

    That is until I needed a scoped .22 to kill groundhog in my garden. I prefer peep sights so the browning was the only one I had a scope on. So it got dragged out of the safe and I did a video on it telling why I didn’t much care for it when I sighted it in. Now after a summer of killing groundhogs with it my opinion has changed a bit. The gun really comes into its own when you use it off hand. Off the bench there are far better options but when it comes to speed and accuracy you would be hard pressed to find something better. I still love my bolt actions but the T-bolt will be my designated garden gun from now on.