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    Hey Guys,New to the fourum thing,just have a question for anyone that might know. I have a Browning BAR Safari,Belgium made and all the etching is in gold (not real gold im sure) and I was wondering if this is original from the factory or is it custom work.Not sure if this was ever a factory option. The gun is in mint condition for a used one,Im told its hard to find a Belgium made one in this condition. I took it in trade for a Japanese made BLR that i had in stock. The guys wife said it was too heavy for her to carry. If any one has any idea if this is a factory option or not i would like to know. I have only ever seen one other one with the gold in it on Gunbroker but still not sure.

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    I don't know, but I'm bumping this so someone can come up with an answer for you.

    There's a new member introduction forum, please introduce yourself to the folks when you get a chance.

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