Browning Historical Letter? Worth it?

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  1. john_t_714

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    Anyone purchase this for their firearm?

    It says Historical Letter includes Date of Manufacture, Invoice Number, Date of Sale, where Gun was Shipped, and Description of Firearm.

    Does it have any other info, like who else had purchased it and for how long they had it?

    It seems a bit steep ($39.95) for just basic info.

    I have a Browning Hi Power Mark 3 made in 1994. California version (10-round magazine).

    Thanks for your input.
  2. danf_fl

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    Because it is difficult to keep track of who purchased the firearm from where the gun was shipped, most do not include that info.

    Does the letter do any good with just the basic info? Maybe.

    Would a notarized statement on when purchased, where purchased, and who purchased (including serial number) help? Yes

    If someone offered a 1873 undocumented Colt and said it was from Wyatt Earp, would you believe it?
    If someone offered a 1873 documented Colt and said it was from Wyatt Earp, how much more are you willing to pay?

    Who knows, maybe we will become famous and the firearms we currently own could be as sought after as Wyatt's 1873.

  3. gunsmoke11

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    I've gotten letters from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming for some of my old Winchesters and also received letters from Roy Jinks at Smith and Wesson, as well as Colt. These letters were for collectable guns such as a winchester Trapper from 1898 and model 97 riot shotgun from 1900, just as examples. Those shotguns are often cut down and the letter just verified it was original. I've paid $200 just for a Colt letter. If your Browning has nothing about it that would add to it's value then a letter would only be of interest to yourself at this time.
  4. john_t_714

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    Thanks for both your inputs.