Browning BAR Cycling Problem

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by Louis007, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I recently field stripped my Browning BAR (Belgium .30-06 Circa 1990), and now it won't cycle a new round with each shot fired. It seems to shoot fine, but I have to manually pull the slide in order to eject the expended round and chamber a new round. I have been unable to find a good schematic so that I can see what I did wrong during the reassembly. The owner's manual hasn't been much help. If anyone knows of an easy to read schematic or series of pictures or videos which would be helpful, please forward link.
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    I'm local and can take a look at it.323-722-3903
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    I'm NOT saying that this is your problem but---I have seen these rifles reassembled and getting the piston lined up properly. There is a grove in the piston that MUST be lined up with the guide pin in the gas cylinder. If it is not (or if the piston is put in backwards) it "turns the gas off" and the rifle wont recycle at all. I know that this sounds "DUMB" but I have personally seen this done on more than one customers rifles. You want a picture go to BrowninG's web site and pull up their parts book. ALL their current production guns are in there and you can down load and print out anything you want.
    A GOOD rule of thumb is "If it worked before you done something to it and it DON'T work afterwards---Then what ever you done was WRONG " !!!