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    About 20 years ago, I bought a used 12 ga. a-5 magnum in new condition from a small dealer who represented the gun as a belgium made firearm.

    I have researched the Browning site but I cannot make any of the numbers fit this gun. The receiver port has the numbers 69V and 46673. It is nicely engraved with Browning and a bust picture of Browning on the left side of the receiver and the word Magnum spelled out in script The stock does not have a knob grip but does have what appears to be the original recoil pad.

    The barrell has Browning Arms Company, St Louis, Mo and Montreal and Made in Belgium on the left side of the barrell. On the opposite side , it has
    special steel-12 gauge shells-3". Thats all I can find anywhere on the gun.

    I'm an older retired US Marine and want to leave this gun to my Grandson but not if its a knock off. A friend inferred this may be a Jap receiver with a Belgium barrel added. Can any one tell me what I have ...I would like to know the date of manufacture and if its a true Belgium 12 ga Magnum. Thanks for any help on this... I am stumped on this one.
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    This is not an article. This is a post that belongs in the shotgun section. Also, you should drop a "howdy" in the introduction section.