Browning 1911?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by TimL2952, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. TimL2952

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    I know Browning designed the 1911 and I know Colt was the first to manufacture it large scale...but why doesn't Browning claim some of the glory and make a full size 1911 in .45? They don't make many handguns other than the .22 1911, buckmark, and the would probably be a decent money maker for them.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. chucksolo69

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    They do make one, however, it is availble only as part of a collectors set along side the 1911 .22 A1. Price is steep for the set too.

  3. Gonzilla

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    Off Thread but on topic: a couple years ago HK hired two 1911 experts and with all their engineering experience & own forge, they missed the mkt. Sig & SW had three different models hitting the shelves, in additions to, all the high end/custom guns.

    The only mkt not saturated is the under $6. There is a trade off when the price goes down. A "G" has plastic sights and they are fine w that - try putting plastic sights on 1911....( insert ear plugs & wait for it....... "colorful" response.

    My point is you must know what trade offs were made and if you can live w it - fine, if not - then how much will it cost to fix ? Be Honest w yourself - can you do the work yourself ? If no, figure in gunsmith cost. Good news - almost every gunsmith has some experience working w the 1911 platform.