brownells j frame update kit?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by cgersty, Feb 5, 2013.

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    The clip draw does nothing for most CC folks. Holster carry your handgun with less pressure on one spot.

    The screw drivers are nice but if you own some decent ones ?? The grip is just a hogue soft rubber grip. depends on what you have now. but cost is 20 bucks or less-

    The springs direct from wolff or a spring kit from midway- wolff kit-

    This is what most of use use for a fun gun or training use . So guess you have to deside what you have now and what you need. 30 bucks + shipping or 90bucks + shipping. There will be more than a few you tube videos to help walk you thru the spring changes too. For carry most will not change the springs if i good shape. To light a trigger can be unrelyable too. So shoot enough to be sure it works well before carry'n.

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    I will not carry any gun in a fashoin that does not completely cover the trigger. I would never use a clip to carry any gun. And the way I understand it, any time you weaken the trigger pull on a double action revolver you do it by weakening the hammer strike. Definately not something I would consider for a carry gun.
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    As I stated I am a complete newbie to the revolver world, so I was just asking, I can't carry here yet anyway, so I'm just gonna get a decent holster for it and shoot it as it is, thanks for all the help, it really is appreciated it.
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    Not exactly. The D/A pull on a S&W revolver is partially a product of the mainspring. It is also partially a product of the rebound spring. A lighter rebound spring will improve the feel of the trigger pull at the expense of safety. The primary safety in a Smith revolver is the rebound to hammer fit and timing. With the rebound in the forward position, the hammer cannot strike the primer, ever.

    To reliably set off a primer on a non-magnum cartridge, you need 3.5# of mainspring tension (3.75 # for a magnum). Some aftermarket springs will cause light indent misfires.