Brownell's / ATI upper - getting sent back

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    20171207_155926.jpg 20171207_155957.jpg 20171207_160153.jpg 20171207_160036.jpg 20171207_155926.jpg 20171207_155957.jpg 20171207_160153.jpg 20171207_160036.jpg I bought a 16" upper with a 10" keymod handguard, BCG, and CH from Brownell's for $234 shipped. I have an accurate 20" and 16" AR already, I wanted something for quick, close shots to put under a Vortex Strikeagle 1-6x24 I picked up and had on the shelf.

    The thought process being: Brownell's has a good return policy if it's a dud, I don't need an absolute tack driver, and it's already free-floated.

    The package came and I was bummed. There were marks on the barrel, nicks on the gas block, an anti-seize compound leaking out by the barrel extension on the upper, a big color mismatch. All-in-all, meh. I know guns get marks from use, but I want to be the one to "season" the rifle. This gave me the feeling that if they only half-arse care about the visuals you can see, do they put much attention to the internal specs.

    It'll be shipped back tomorrow AM. It's replacement will be a PSA 16", w. 13.5" M-LOK handguard for $279 shipped. I'm posting this as a public service. Don't go cheap.[AT
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