broken sight mount base screw in receiver

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by mtnsmith, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. mtnsmith

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    Does anyone have any suggestions on getting a broken screw out of the front receiver ring on A Remington bolt gun without mucking up the threads? A friend was putting on a scope base and broke off one of the screws...:eek:


  2. Jo da Plumbr

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    Drill a very small hole in the center of the broken screw, then use an Easy Out. A drill press if available will help to not damage the threads. Good luck, easy outs aint easy.

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  3. Ruzai

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    Beat your friend over the head with the gun and see if that loosens the screw. :D

    If the head screw is just broken off, you can always cut a flat-head notch in the top of the screw's body to back it out with a flat head screw driver. I've done it once or twice like that, but it wasnt on a gun. Whatever you decide to do, go slow so not to cause more issues for yourself.
  4. stalkingbear

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    CAREFULLY drill out the center of the screw IF there's no room to slot the top of it. You'll have to make your own easy out if you can't find 1 that small. You'll have to adjust the drill press to a S L O W setting to keep the bit from bending. here's a broken screw remover from Brownells-you'll need the "M3" It's a combo bit/extractor.
  5. Fisherking

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    I have gone the route of drilling the screw and then using a slightly oversized torqs screw driver and giving it a rap with a light hammer and unscewing it thar way.
  6. greydog

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    If the screw is not bottomed out in the hole, it should come out quite easily. A tiny center punch mark off to one side will usually let you move it with the punch or with a scribe. When mount screw heads break off, it is often an indication that the screw was too hard (brittle). This means that drilling will be difficult. In 35 years of gunsmithing, I'm sure I've removed a thousand broken scope mount screws and most were removed with a punch and/or scribe. Patience and care are key. GD
  7. superc

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    The worst scenario is if it is broken off at an angle rather than 90 degrees from the axis. You might need lots of tools if that is the case. A jig to hold the gun still, a drill press, possibly even a very small grinder bit to prep the broken screw for a drilling. Then drill, and reverse tap with an Easy Out.
  8. spittinfire

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    I hate easy outs, they work half the time and break the other half which makes a real mess. That's in the automotive field though. You'll be at an advantage since gun hardware doesn't get tightened as much.

    Before you start drilling I would highly recommend using a center punch to make a dimple in the center of the screw so your drill doesn't skate around on top. It will also help you stay centered if the screw isn't broken off flat. Whatever you do, go slow...very slow.