broken .223 cartridge neck in chamber

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    A cartridge neck is stuck in the chamber of my Stag AR15. I have tried to wedge a home made tool between the case neck and the chamber to no avail. I have tried a commercial extractor tool and only wore out the tool--case neck is still stuck. What are my further options for removing this piece of cartridge case?


    Broken Case neck in 223?


    Hello RON L here = SERESURPLUS

    I'm not there to see what you have used and how bad it looks, so I'll ask a few questions, OK? I'm not sure what sort of Home made tool you used, what did that Look like and what was it? If you scratched the Chamber, you may have wedged the case in so it can't get past the damage you might have done? The "Factory Broken sheel extractor, where did you get that? Did You use it Properly with the cleanning rod to try and pull the case clear? I've had nasty wedged cases in my AK, and the remover never failed? Not usre what else to tell you to try, other than another factory unit and make sure your following how the directions say to use it? Short of that, your headed to a "SMITH", who will cus ya, (EVEN IF IT'S BEHIND YOUR BACK) and charge ya Pleanty! I'd try to do it yourself again, to avaid that rape?

    RON L

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    Easy but few persons I know want to admit they will try this -- take your cleaning rod and shove it into the muzzle and with a rubber or brass hammer, gently tap the cartridge back out the chamber.
    Was this a reload? If so, recall how much you packed into the cartridge and dont go there again. Good luck