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    I was wandering around in the gun shop today just kinda to kill time, when another patron asked "how much for the Mossin Nagants?" The propriater yelled across the store that he could have his pick, they were all $90. I'm not really a rifle guy, but I've heard good things about the Mossin Nagant. I looked over the selection and found one that looked to be in particularly good shape. They rummaged around behind the counter, found a bayonet that fit and gave me a bag with some other accessories in it. Once I got all the nasty, sticky grease stuff off it (the guys at the shop kept referring to it as "cosmeline" and it was thickly applied to every metal part and a lot of the wood) I found that it has almost no wear anywhere on it. It was imported by Century Arms and if the 4 digit stamp on the barrel is the date of manufacurer, it was made in 1937. The action was the smoothest of the 12 they had, and the wood was 2nd best of the bunch. The strap, ammo case, tool kit and very odd separated-bottle thing all smelled very musty but were otherwise in pretty good shape. All the serial numbers match and the barrel rifiling looks pristine. If I can find a rifle range relatively close I'm going to try to shoot it a little yet this year.
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    What is this? You come gloating about your recently acquired Mosin-Nagant and you don't share pictures.:mad: That is just not right.:D

    Be prepared to get more. You can't just go in your yard and shoot.:p My son and a Mosin-Nagant.

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    We are a visually stimulated bunch.

    Great rifle, though.