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    Hello me and some friends plan on going camping in Jefferson or George Washington National forest (In virginia). I live in maryland and I was wondering if it would be legal to bring one of my long arms. I don't have a hunting license and I'm not going hunting. However I would like to bring the firearm for defense against whatever wildlife is out there. Or maybe to go plinking.

    I know giving legal advice is highly discouraged but could someone point me in the correct direction where I can find an answer.

    Other details

    my firearms are a 12 Gauge Shotgun, .30-06 Rifle, and a .22 Winchester Rifle.
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    camp gun

    the real threat is the human form of wildlife . protect yourself at camp your home .the national forest have become quite unsafe over the years because of human predators.several rapes and murders,drug activity,a place for people with warrants to get out of town , etc it safe arm youself ..your tent is your home ,when you are in it

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    I check with my local rangers when I have questions like this.

    If they say firearms only for hunting ask about coyote hunting. Here there is no season and a small fee for the license. Then you can carry all you want and say you just suck at hunting.
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    We "camp" in a 5th wheel trailer and I keep a loaded 12 guage next to the bed.
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    Not sure about VA, but in MD state forests loaded firearms are not permitted in camp. But if you don't cause any problems, who's gonna look?

    I take a gun along because as I leave camp I intend to stop at a local range and practice. ;)