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Brenneke Ammunition

Germany - The German firm Brenneke®, long known for their superb shotgun slugs, is now introducing their
revolutionary Quik-Shok® Copper centerfire rifle bullets to U.S. hunters in loaded cartridges.
The Brenneke Quik-Shok Copper bullet is a completely lead-free design, providing a combination of excellent
penetration with “controlled fragmentation” that results in a more powerful terminal effect than conventional
rifle bullets can produce-regardless of bullet material.
While a conventional rifle bullet expands slowly and progressively during penetration, creating a single wound
channel, the Quik-Shok Copper expands very quickly upon contact, then separates into four segments that
continue to penetrate deeply. The result is a highly dynamic terminal action that creates expansion far larger
than the bullet’s initial caliber, four wound channels versus just one, increased hemorrhage and more primary
shock and blood loss than ordinary bullets can generate.
The principles of the Brenneke Quik-Shok Copper have been successfully researched and field-tested for well
over 20 years. Traditional lead-based bullet designs are not adequate to create a lead-free projectile with
exceptional accuracy, good velocity and fast, humane effectiveness on big game. The Brenneke Quik-Shok
Copper’s distinctive design addresses these concerns, the result be ing a projectile with effectiveness that meets
or exceeds that of any lead-based construction.
The Brenneke Quik-Shok Copper will initially be offered in 155 grain weights for the .30-06 and the .308.

Additional calibers are planned. The .30-06 loading produces 2,953 fps velocity and 3,001 ft. lbs. of energy at
the muzzle, while the .308 generates 2,789 fps and 2,675 ft.lbs. at the muzzle.
While best known in the U.S. for their slugs, Brenneke has manufactured rifle bullets since 1898, and tens of
millions of Brenneke bullets have been sold around the world. The firm pioneered many elements of bullet
construction taken for granted today, including one of the first boat-tail designs in 1910 (the Brenneke TIG®, or
“torpedo tail”), and a sharp cutting edge “wadcutter” bullet in 1930. Both of these designs continue to be
manufactured today. The new Quik-Shok Copper is the latest in a long line of projectile innovation that dates
back over 100 years.
See the new Quik-Shok Copper at Brenneke’s booth no. 6842 at the SHOT Show 2009.
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