Breaking in the rifle barrel

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by urban, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. urban

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    I'm new to gun ownership so I never gave this much thought, but today while clicking through youtube videos I saw this


    I've never gone through this with my .30-06 (which has to date, only had about 100 rounds put through it), and I'm picking up a 10/22 on Thursday, so should I go through this process with them? or is this breaking in period something that happens over time with just normal shooting?

    on related note, could I use a "bore snake" instead of going through this whole process of pulling out the bolt, scrubbing with solvent, and then running a patch through it? Any thoughts on the bore snake besides? all the reviews seem pretty positive.
  2. chops

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    i wouldnt put in the time to break in a 10/22. with my last couple of rifles i just shoot and clean after 100 to 120 rounds just break it in with regular shooting. most people will do that with factory rifles for any tool makes left from doing the bore but the shoot clean process can wear on the throat and reduce barrel life. custom barrels just shoot it till the groups open up and then clean it. i have 425 rounds done my custom and have only cleaned it once and it holds .40 moa groups at 100 yards all day long. bore snakes are ok for at the range but i have heard on the cord breaking and leaving the whole snake stuck in the bore. hope this helps