Break Breach VS Pump for defense

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by tCan, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Now when it comes to choosing a weapon, purely for defense (ie. no recreation at all), the argument is for simplicity and ease of use, this is why many people go for a revolver. But in my examination of the discussion among those who's advocate shotguns, the pump-action seems to come out on top.

    I'd like to understand why this is. The pump seems to be the worst choice for a defense shotgun. Both an autoloader and a pump action risk some level of jam, even when operated correctly. However, another greater opportunity for jam is available with the pump action and that is operator error via a shortshuck.

    It would seem to me that some sort of double barrel break-breech would be the logical choice. Why is this not so?
  2. davemccarthy707

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    No matter which firearm is chosen, it's use should be second nature. That in itself makes it a "better" self defence weapon.

  3. ArmyGuy

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    When I was stationed in Louisiana I worked with a civilian who loved the pump action as a home defense weapon. His logic was that even if the gun didn't function as it should, just the sound of the pump action would scare anyone with half a brain (even if they are breaking in) and make them run the other way. I am not saying that I support this line of thinking or any other line of thinking. Just letting you know one reason I have heard for liking a pump action over others.

    Personally I have a .45 ACP in the nightstand drawer right next to me while I am sleeping :D
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    Break open guns are delicate they have a very high breakage of internal parts rate. They are great for sport shooting i use a double barrel cz ringneck in 12ga.

    Pumps hold more ammo and are faster after the 2nd shot is over. There is nothing faster than 2 from a side byside or over under tho.

    Getting reload into a break open takes a while no real getting round that. A good sd pump gives 8 shots and even then reloads are a snap pop a shell in the port and slam it closed or stuff em in the mag.
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    The pump is the revolver of shotguns. Manual powered, and quite simple to master, and more shots. If one short shucks it and the bad guys get them, it's just Darwin at work.
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    from a wise old man

    The pump is an all around great gun .....but for ease of use by all in household grandma down to your 12 yr old son /daughter nothing beats a single shot ....sawed off . A wise old man told me this with this added note ..they are cheap enough to stash 1 in every room ! especially the bathroom!:rolleyes:
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    You certainly won me over with that definitive insight. :)
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    i've kept both by the bed at one time or another and had no trouble sleeping. i opted for the repeater this time around because the cheap good pump was cheaper than the cheap good double.but if you're going down a tight hallway you'll want a good coach gun.
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    the only reason I would choose a pump is very simple I can put a bayonet on my pump action as for a break action I've never seen one you could. Well that and the sounds scares the hell out of people. :p
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    I wouldn't rack the slide to scare them away. If they are in your house with you home, you have to assume they and are prepared or crazy enough to give you trouble.

    As far as the "ease of use" argument goes. I guarantee I could have my grandpa a 6-shot pump-action and after a 30-second explanation she could run through all 6 shots without a problem (let's say it's a .410 for the recoil :p ). I mean, "click, pump, click, pump, click, pump" is not all that complicated.

    really, I think it's kind of a poor argument for most cases.

    A single-shot has a simple manual of arms, heh. But, I could hand my mom a loaded AR15 and she could hold off a dozen guys from getting into her bedroom. Yeah, she wouldn't be able to clear a jam and might have difficulty verifying if it's loaded or changing a mag. But, as far as emergency defensive use, most guns really aren't that difficult to empty, so I say just pick the highest-capacity / most effective one you can (within your own constraints).
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    Find an old Ithaca pump. They're around and fairly inexpensive. You can hold the trigger back and just pump away and it will fire so fast the goblin will think you've got a semi auto. :cool: