Breadcrumbs on the Information Superhighway

Discussion in 'FirearmsTalk Support and Suggestions' started by Balota, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Just so you know, we're all learning about the new site software. Today I learned about Tags. Certainly didn't learn everything about Tags, but this seemed like something others might be interested in.

    Any time you create a new thread on any topic, you have the option to assign a few Tags to that topic. If you're writing about sharpening knives, you can add tags that say "sharpen", " knife", "knives", "survival", "hunting", etc. Such tags are used by myriad internet search engines to find and remember references on any particular topic. Then when someone searches for something related to knives, for example, your new thread on that topic will pop up in their search.

    Voila! Someone just found a breadcrumb leading to FTF. If we want to grow FTF, one thing we can do is lead more people here. Tags are one way we can do that.

    Admins and Mods can also add tags to the first post of any thread, but it works a lot better if we all do it.
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    that is very useful information. Tags are what search engines in the internet use to find things. nice to know that feature is available now.