Breach loaders? what is available.

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    Ok looking for some recommendations...I love the Martini-henry single shot breach loaders from WWI but the distinct lack of ammunition for them makes them not a good choice for something you'd want to use often. Are there any other simple breach loaders out there that have readily availible ammunition and are a tried and tested action? including modern remakes. I'd like something that will not have an issue dropping decent sized game as where I am moving to in the US deer is plentiful.

    I had a martini-henry before the onslaught of the Aus government but am looking into what I can get stateside.

    Thanks guys! :)
  2. c3shooter

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    Winchester and Ruger have both made excellent single shot rifles- but why limit your choices? For deer, we have plenty of very good rifles- lever actions, bolt actions, pumps, and inn most states, semi auto.

  3. Wolfie

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    well i will naturally have those (already looking at buying a Remington model 700), but I like varying it up...something about the simple single shots I enjoy, the martini-henry wasn't the most accurate but I sure enjoyed using it.

    Was looking at Uberti arms, seem decent but haven't looked into prices yet.
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    As mentioned above Ruger #1 is the latest design at a "reasonable" cost and it's a great choice. They are chambered in just about any modern caliber you'd want including some oldies like 45-70 and many classics from the 20th century. My personal one is a .257 Roberts special edition stainless rifle that was made a few years back.

    In the next step price wise you have Winchester and Pedersoli. Winchester chambers modern calibers in their High Walls while Pedersoli specializes in rifles like the Sharps 1874 in calibers like the old 45-70. Bioth of them are very high quality. Prices are usually in the $1-2k range.

    In the next higher price range are Shilo Sharps and C. Sharps (both US made in Montana) which again are modern hand made Sharps designs firing old calibers like 45-70 and other 45- variations and other 1800's rounds like the 50-90 and such. Their price range is in the high $2k and up. I have a Shilo Sharps in 45-70 and it is an AMAZING firearms with incredible workmanship.

    The good news is all you need to do is decide how much cash you want to part with because they are all excellent choices. At last years SHOT show I saw a few European guns but I'm sorry to say I'm drawing a blank as to manufacturer names.
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    If you are looking for at least somewhat historically correct, they have been
    pretty much covered. The various Hi-Wall and Sharps repros will work fine.
    Also the trapdoor Springfield if you like 45-70.

    If you just want a breech loading single shot, there are the Handi-rifle and the
    Thompson Center carbines.

    Curious--Where and when were Martini's deployed in WWI?
  6. Wolfie

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    thanks a lot guys, i guess i have a lot of choices to run with and will need to do some more research. I am right into "open sight" distance marksmanship so the better the quality and accuracy the better for me...I'd like to keep it to US made if I buy new, not only to support local stuff but for warranty issues should any arise.

    The ruger #1's look pretty decent to me and i've been reading very good reviews from a google search...decent variety of calibers too!

    From what I've read they were deployed to air crews and as a reserve arm in the early years of the war to various nations and some were used by desert Arab tribes protecting their land up until the end of the soviet union. The one I had was from a british arsenal but didnt have much more history on it other then that.
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    Don't for get Thompson Centers Contender or what ever the new name for it is. These are hot for the reason that you can get so many barrels for it and a lot of wildcat calibers as well.....