bravo comp. cos. blem lowers

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    hey everyone. I am looking to build my own ar15 and was wondering if anyone has had experience with bravo companies complete cosmetic blemish lowers. I know bravo company's quality is unquestionable but I am wondering more about the degree of the blemishes that the lowers come with. I dont care about looks and the order form says internals and function is 100% but It also says blemishes are 'problems with anodizing, chips, scratches, dents'. Basically Im just looking for some reassurance from those with experience so I am not taken to off guard in case I get a particularly roughed up lower. Again, I couldnt care less about scratch/chips but dents or something that may impede function or fail early would really ruin my day. Thanks for the input
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    I can't speak for experience with this specific brand of blemished lower, but having bought blemmed receivers in the past from other companies and knowing BCM's quality first hand I would guess it isn't that big of a deal. Remember, this is just something they don't feel "looks" as good as what you should get when paying full price. The blem is usually minor and in some cases you can't hardly even notice it without looking for it.