brass catcher for my AR & AK's

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by ARnoob, May 23, 2008.

  1. ARnoob

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    I'd like to purchase a brass catcher for my AR & AK's. I've seen several different ones for AR type rifles, but none for AKM clones. Any suggestions and/or advice on which ones work the best and where to purchase them?

  2. ScottG

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    A pretty girl in a low cut top makes a fine brass catcher....

  3. Dillinger

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    Well, for the first shot or two anyways... LOL But, she does make a fine EYE catcher. :D

    ARnoob - Can I ask why? Unless you are doing drive-bys, or planning on running up in a mall somewhere you don't want to leave shell casings behind, what purpose would it serve? Are you planning on policing your brass to reload? In which case I personally wouldn't recommend a brass catcher, but that's just me.... Just curious, I have never known anyone to want one before.... *shrug*

  4. robocop10mm

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    Brass catchers for AK's are a bit more difficult than AR's. AK's have reciprocating bolt handles (cocking handles that go back and forth with each shot). They tend to snag on brass catchers. I have heard of folks taping a pillow case over the receiver but you may run into malfunction problems.

    I would just shoot in a place that allows you to see where the empties go and collect them afterwards.

    Most AK's are 7.62 X 39 and most of that ammo is not worth collecting. Unless you have an AK in 5.56 or shoot US made reloadable ammo, let it go.
  5. c3shooter

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    Get a small fishing net (landing net) with aluminum handle, small mesh. Use a length of dowel or electrical conduit tapped into the ground, and tape the net handle to the dowel. The net handle is pointed at the ground, the net sticking out to the right. Stand to the left, shoot- your brass should go into the net. Adjust position as needed. Does not work well for guns that eject vertically, like the SKS. PS- works well for a .45 also. I get tired of chasing brass. Link to picture:
  6. poolshark13

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    i was gonna say what c3shooter said. if youre REALLY lazy you can take a plastic grocery bag and use the handles to tie it to your rifle. and yes, people will laugh at you for it, but i did see someone doing it the other week. i havent tried it myself, but hey, its a cheap, easy solution for you to consider. why spend money when the grocery store gives it to you for buying salsa?
  7. Catfish

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    I got a brass catcher for my AR from 1 of the big on line suppliers, but can`t rember which one right now. Looks like a little landing net and velcrows around the barrel. It also has a sizer in the bottom of the bag to make it easy to dump brass. I love, and even carry it on the rifle when hunting.
  8. ARnoob

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    Thanks! As cheesy as that may look, it sounds like a decent inexpensive fix for an AK brass catcher. :)
  9. ARnoob

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    "Most AK's are 7.62 X 39 and most of that ammo is not worth collecting. Unless you have an AK in 5.56 or shoot US made reloadable ammo, let it go."

    I want to shoot my AK's at the range. Nobody lets me use Wolf ammo at any of the ranges I've been to, due to the steel core or bi-metal make up of the bullet. They say that the material builds up after time and may cause a ricochet or go through the back stop. And if you've ever purchases any of the brass cased 7.62 X 39 you know how insane the prices are! So, I want to start doing my own loads.
  10. ARnoob

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    No, no drive-by shooting here. I just want to reload and save money. My POF p415 upper tends to shoot brass pretty far. I've almost hit people from the bench, so I'd like to avoid that as well.