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    About a year or so ago, some gent on another gun web site began a thread telling about how good a penetrant/lubirication product called FLUID FILM was for lubrication of 22 semi auto actions. Sales rep for FLUID FILM showed up on this gun website giving away samples of his company's product. He was kind enough to send me 6 small sample aerosol cans to try....kept 2 and gave away rest to fellow shooting buddies at range we're members.

    FLUID FILM is a lanolin based product. When I started reloading again about 6 years ago, after a 35 plus years absence, first product I used for lubeing a brass case was Lee's case lube.....a lanolin based product. I would eventually switch to using Imperial Sizing lube and be more satisfied with it.

    Bought someones reloading supplies in a garage sale one day and one of items was a RCBS lub pad. Remembered the FLUID FILM was lanolin based and after reading the can, sprayed it on the RCBS lub pad to try it out. The FLUID FILM WORKED JUST FINE AS A CASE LUBE. Now days I'm more prone to use the Fluid Film on the RCBS pad than applying the Imperial with my fingers.

    Label on Fluid Film can states, "NO SOLVENTS". I take a cotton swab with the fluid film on it to lightly lub the inside of the case neck after lubeing outside of case. As I wrote already, this stuff works OK as a case lube....haven't had a case stuck in my resizing die since I've begun using it.

    As I recall from the post I originally read about it, Tractor Supply stores sells it. Anyway, just thought I'd pass this tidbit of information on to you.
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    Imperial Sizing Lube is all I use anymore.You'll never have a stuck case with it.

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    Hornady has a spray lube. Look on their web. Stand your brass like little soldiers and do 20 or 30 at a wack. Lubes neck at same time. No effect on primer or powder. More $$$ but so damn quick. I have been reloading 7.62 x 51, 30-06, & .243. No pad no grease, easy!!!
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    Have been reloading over 45 years and after trying various lubes for a few years I finally found Imperial Sizing Die Wax and haven't felt the need to try anything else since.
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    I love RCBS spray lube. Works well and never ha an issue. Use just a small amount.