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    I took a handgun class yesterday using a 9mm Bersa. Fun! :)

    They recommended I try a Glock 19. My quick searches make me think this is a good recommendation, so I'll go try one (and maybe end up buying one!)

    But, ammo - there are different brands of 9mm. How big a difference does is make which brand you use? are some brands better in some guns? I am too new at this to get into minute details, but if I am buying off the shelf I might as well pick what's appropriate.

    What experiences/info do you all have?
  2. Gatoragn

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    For target practice, Blazer, Winchester, Federal, Remington, Aguila, PMC all work ok, problem is finding any right now.

    Some ammo tends to be "dirtier" than other brands.

  3. Anna_Purna

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    I suggest before you run out and buy that recommendation, that you run out and hold many different brands of 9mms, and find the one your hand likes best. Some people like strikers, I prefer hammers. Your taste may vary. Once you find the one that yo prefer, and not some opinionated persons preference as to what you should like, then by all means read about them, ask questions in a forum and not a store (many employees in stores will veer you to what better commission they will make, not by the best product.

    As for your question, FMJ or Full metal jackets feed better than hollowpoints, and are more affordable to practice with. Once you choose a bullet for home protection, fire it in your gun, several magazines worth to see if it has any feeding issues.

    Enjoy the shoppin' experience. With all the differences there are in handguns, it's just as fun as buying a new pair of shoes! :D
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  4. locutus

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    I'd add Wolf, Ulyanovsk, Barnaul, Tula, S&B, Hotshot, Fiocchi.:D