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In most states you are not allowed to "brandish" a gun or shoot someone unless you are in a position to either defend your life or if you are staving-off an armed attack. In NY I am not allowed to shoot anyone that isn't shooting at me. And protecting property is no excuse either - if I see someone breaking into my car or driving off in it I am not allowed to shoot him or at him. If someone breaks into my house at night I am not allowed to shoot him unless he is armed and threatens me with bodily harm. I was told this by the cop who issued me my permit. Would I comply? I doubt it!
I might be wrong, but I won't kill someone for stealing my car unless I'm in it.

I would also never pull a gun that I did not intend to use. When I pull my gun, the trigger is being pulled as the gun is leveling off. Their last words should be, "What is that flash?"

Only an idiot would brandish a gun. First, I DON'T want ANYONE to know I have a gun. I want to keep that knowledge to myself until the last second.

IMO, brandishing a gun takes more away than you gain....

And killing someone, even if they are a POS is not worth it as they are driving away in your car. Even if you believe you should, what about the kid in the window as your bullet ricochet off the back glass? Oh, yea, you are sure that won't happen....

The car is gone, get insurance next time.
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