Brady campaign wants gun confiscation

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    The Brady Campaign is now finally admitting that they would like to see a total confiscation of firearms.

    In a surprising turn of events today the Brady Campaign issued the following press statement through email.

    In light of the recent events at Sandy Hook along with the rampant gun violence seen through out America we think the time has finally come for American’s to lay down their arms.

    There is no need for any type of bullet spewing machine in this day and age. One has cell phones and can easily call the police if trouble should arise. Guns only serve as a tool to harm innocents, including the young man just trying to get money to support his habit.

    It is for this reason we support the acts proposed in Congress and would like to see the government take the arms of the American people if they are not willing to lay them down voluntarily. Any person who would own a firearm is not an American, but a terrorist who wishes harm and violence upon them.

    This is an extreme change in position of the past years where repeatedly the Brady Campaign would insist over and over than no one was out to take anyone’s firearms. That the only changes they sought were “common sense” and would aid in keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals.

    This press statement however has not indicated how this action will improve or change their perspective relevance in the current fight on gun control.
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    Any person who would own a firearm is not an American, but a terrorist who wishes harm and violence upon them.

    That's absurd.

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    well at least they finally admitted it, police are responders they respond to someone being murdered or raped or anything thats if your alive to call the police.

    If people still fallow this bull **** after what has been released they're as ignorant as we knew they were. I guess we all at least know what they have titled us gun toten freedom lovers.
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    Alright, this was posted on April Fools' Day. Reads more like a spoof than a serious statement from a long-lived organization with a mission.

    Not that I doubt that many/most who work for the organization believe this crap, but I simply don't believe they would ever risk losing the influence they have by publishing such an incindiary statement.
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    Even the Brady Bunch say 130,000 DGUs occur each year. We all know it's much higher, but follow me using their number. So 30,000 are killed with guns each year, minus suicides lets say about 15,000. I'll even let them include justifiable shootings and LEO shootings.

    So which is better Brady Bunch? 15,000 murders with a gun vs. 130,000 lives saved bc of a gun??? Any idiot can see 130,000 lives saved easily trumps 15,000 taken.

    These people will stop at nothing, good thing we have all the guns. I wouldn't mind some extra practice, I say Brady come and take them!
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    The Brady family has made millions from this organization. In recent years even the anti gunners have grown tired of their money laundering schemes.
    The last thing they really want to do is disarm the country. They would go out of business. They are harmful distasteful greedy bastards who would sell our freedoms for a dollar.
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    Does anyone have any proof that this was was,indeed, put out by the Brady Bunch? While I don't doubt that this is exactly the way that they feel I find it hard to believe that they would be stupid enough to put it in writing.
  8. tCan

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    "Note this was posted on April 1st and is a joke. Though it does serve as an additional reminder of Poe’s law."