Brad Wall speech at 2014 Manning Conference

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Rocky7, Mar 1, 2014.

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    This is a terrific speech from a terrific Canadian conservative. I thought other Canadian members here, and maybe some of the American members, might be like to hear it.

    It's a bit long. Get a beer. Eh.


    (Wall's speech starts at 3:00)
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    Thank you for this Thread it was more than worth the time to watch the entire thing. All about positive progression and the future of the country with no spin, threats, class warfare tactics and division tactics like our leader/s. I liked what he said when he mentioned the Quote from Thomas Jefferson. " We need to make our Elections about Economy and Freedom otherwise we will have Profussion and Servitude!" That certainly explains the motives of the present leaders doesn't it. Sure tells us openly where they are wanting to take us. God Bless Canada and the much apreciated positive attitude and direction to address issue. And a Balanced Budget! What is that????? Another major issue with the rampid idiotic spending of our present government. Hopefully the day will come when we can get ours redirected and heading back in the right direction. It amazes me how intellegent our Founding Fathers were and their quotes of wisdom.
    Realy Enjoyed the speech! We haven't had a positive one in years!

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    Thanks, friend.

    Yes, the ones you call your "founding fathers" were epic political philosophers - no question. They have much to offer to any who will read and think.

    It's funny - Saskatchewan had a leftist government for years and years. I used to refer to the AB/SK border as the "Straw Curtain". :) We in AB were then led by mostly conservatives - conservatives and CINO's but not lefties. Anyway, that ended here when our conservative King Ralph (as he was affectionately known) stepped down as Premier. AB is now governed by liberals masquerading as conservatives.

    Our provincial motto used to be "The Alberta Advantage". Our conservative poseurs ditched that motto and ditched Klein's law that required balanced budgets and now are racking up billions in debt in AB - deficit financing. These sh-theels got elected the same way they do in your country...pit one group against another, divide and conquer and make promises of bread and circuses for all the slackers.

    Meanwhile, across the Straw Curtain, they turfed their history of commie governments (CCF/NDP) and elected Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party in 2007. Now, it's the "Saskatchewan Advantage". Yes, they actually stole our motto.... and then put it to very good use. He took over a sinking ship and turned it into a fast frigate in about 4 years. Everybody said it couldn't be done.

    Yeah, his speech meant a lot to me, too. We're sinkin' here in AB - and there's no reason for it.
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