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    hello, my name is hawkguy and i just bought a new boyd's gun stock. :)

    as with many companies there is good and not so good to report. i intend to be completely unbiased and honest in my assessments.

    so, i decided to order a "custom" version of the classic gun stock for my new hog hunter. i saved for quite awhile for this stock and called CS for questions and ordering. i'll try and sum up my overall experience.


    1) the gun stock received was beautiful
    2) it was more or less "drop in"....although i was surprised about having to remove the internal mag from the stock, but that is more a design of the rifle issue.
    3) the stock, thus far, seems very sturdy and well built.
    4) the "high shine" finish i added looks and feels great!
    5) as said, in the end, it is a very nice stock.... overall i am pleased with the product. :)

    1) the custom order arrived much faster than estimated
    2) the CS was friendly and helpful for the most part

    THE BAD:
    1) stock arrived with a few very minor dings. i didn't notice them until i put the gun together, and by then....i decided to live with it. it may have occurred during shipping....but that is another bad issue.
    2) as was assured by CS that my stock would be delivered by ups to my post office to hold, but this somewhat expensive stock was left on my porch all day instead.
    3) box used for shipping was not even taped shut.
    4) perhaps the most disappointing, one part of my custom order was misrepresented. i added a limbsaver butt pad to the stock. i have had limbsaver pads before and they are outstanding. BUT...the pad i received WAS NOT the limbsaver pictured on the site (seen below)...and imo, not as good as the limbsavers i am used to. to be fair, i have not contacted the company on this....i have no interest in sending this stock back to wait for this fix.

    1) i cannot fairly report on this until i have used the stock for quite some time. i will report back.

    1) i REALLY like this stock. it is beautiful and feels great....a really good upgrade. i few issues could have been better imo, as noted. overall, i am pleased with the product. you can see my new stock in the bolt action forum.

    thanks for taking the time to read what i think is a fair and honest review.

    any comments welcome.


    ps-here is the pic of the pad from the website that did not come on my rifle:

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    I put a Boyd's on my old 30-06 700 ADL this past winter. The original Walnut stock really kicked like a mule, so I went to a synthetic, it felt 'hollow'. The Boyd stock fit the receiver so well, as if it were pillar bedded. Needed to do a little sanding to uniform free-float the barrel but not a big deal at all (doll rod and sandpaper).

    When sighting in this summer, amazed at how much better on the shoulder this stock is, much less felt recoil. Slight improvement in accuracy as well (1/4 MOA maybe) over my prior stocks.

    Took a mule deer doe with it week before last in Montana. Standing shot, free-hand. Gun balances very well with this stock. Would recommend Boyd's to anyone. Make sure you know what you are ordering, there are many variations per model.

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