Boxer primed

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    What does that mean?
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    That is the type of primer that reloaders use. If it says boxer primed, then the used brass can be easily reloaded. Berdan primed is what most surpluss ammo is. Nothing wrong with it if you are just going to shoot it. But reloading stuff for that type of primer is hard to come by.

    A lot of old surplus ammo is corrosive. So if you shoot it, you should clean your gun right away. Don't leave it for two weeks thinking you can do it later.

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    To add briefly too what the guys have said-
    Boxer priming system invented in Europe, but used in the US. Each primer has it's own anvil (priming compound is in between primer cup and anvil)

    Berdan- invented in US, used in Europe- the cartridge case has the anvil, and a flash hole on each side of the anvil. Look into a Berdan case, 2 flash holes. Look into Boxer, one flash hole.

    Berdan's CAN be reloaded, but are a PITA to do, need different loading tools. Either one CAN be corrosive. There have been other priming systems, such as Martin or Benet, but they are obsolete, you will not see them except on an antique cartridge.