Bow hunting and a gun question?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by carmelresortinn, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. carmelresortinn

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    I have a buckeye long bow. It has 25 pounds(sorry if I said that wrong), and I was wondering if I could go hunting with it. Also this isn't a bow and arrow question, but what is a good scope and rifle combo good for a 14 year old to hunt with. If the bow and lbs is different in other states, I live in Cali. Again sorry if I said anything wrong. Thanks for the help.

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  2. skullcrusher

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    Ok, you do need to check your local laws for draw weight on bows for hunting large game. There are also different laws state by state on broad heads, fps, arrow weight/length and so on. Google CA bow hunting laws.

    I saw plenty of fans of Leupold and Nikkon in your other thread. Most rifle and scope combos are not really up to the longevity task. For instance, Wally World sells the Remmy 770 with scope combo in several calibers for an affordable price. Not worth the money for either, imo.

    You are shopping for your dad. You are too young to buy a rifle, so I assume you are having your mom do it or you are taking your dad to the gun store and giving him the money. If I was your age, and I had several hundy (still on a budget mind) and I were to buy my pop a rifle and a scope...

    I'd seriously look at the Marlin XL7 in .270, .30-06. Can be had for less than $400. I'd look at Leupold, Nikkon and Redfield is back. You can find great deals from several places on-line. A good quality scope for that Marlin can be had for under $300 and some steals can be found for around $200. Just make sure it is a scope made for a high powered rifle, adjustable magnification, made for varied temps and humidity and it has a respectable warranty.