Bought any New Toys Lately..?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dango, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. dango

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    I have just returned from my QUEST...! :confused: THEE SYSTEM , is SO (OVER-WHELMED) .........That as special as I am , I waited for over TWO HOURS while the sales person was on the phone waiting..! EeeeeeeK..! :confused:

    Special..? What I mean is , I have a special (UPIN-No.) that usually speeds things up dramatically..!No name , just Number ,so it saves Much time..!
    Usually..? EeeeeK..! Over two hours to get an OK from Mother O..! Gee ,
    I feel so's special......................! Eeeeeeeek..!

    Did get a couple of laughs though , but the biggest laugh I got was a young
    gentleman was trying to purchase a new pistol for his 21rst. Birthday..! :D

    With no (Not so Special ID. No.) , He'll be there till he's 22........! :D

    OK , tell me of your night-marish stories , I need a Laugh..! :D
  2. kfox75

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    Sorry. No new toys. Planning a move out of New York State, and my computer died a horrilble death. All I have bought is a couple of stocks and some ammo. I can't afford any new guns. Hell, I'm still recovering from the terrible boating accident in which all of my guns were lost.:eek::D Oh the artillery!

  3. racer_x

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    Got 2 from a friend, one from a shop call lasted all of mayb 5 mins.
    No horror stories just smiles, other then having to pay a little over a buck a round for 44 mag
  4. dango

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    Boating accident , real sorry for your loss. I know this feeling and have tasted
    it . circumstances and real issues had put me in the same sort of way .

    Though they are material items , it does not lessen the blow . The feeling of "DAMNED" and we move forward , but , Damn..! Hope you get back what you need , Good luck!
  5. dango

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    Mmmm.,That (UPIN) number is only special in that there was some stipulation in your data sheet and if you don't need one , better for you.

    It took me over a year to get that OK'd and they didn't , the system , help me at all. I had to prove everything , residency , work history , my own criminal back round checks , finger printed so many times , my fingers were stained for two years.

    I had to prove everything , go to or contact every employer I had for a ten year period.! All ends in the FBI files so does the final OK come from. You gather all this info yourself with no help from the system. IRS , no end.!

    There are several reasons a person would even need this number , special weapon permit start , personal situations codes and in my case , (STOLEN IDENTITY).! This guy had all data , Birth Date , birth certificate , SS No. , he had become me and ended up a fellon with some bad out standing warrents.! If I loose that number , I am that criminal..!

    NOT FUN , I was attacked by everybody , IRS , FBI , Local and state police , Lawyer up , a real night-mare........! Nobody helps with anything , it is all on you to prove evrything and you send paper work and wait , again , and again ETC,!

    PS: This is also at your time and exspense , BAD CRAP..!
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  6. dango

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    Huge mistake in my approach.!!!!!!!

    I think I should have made a separate thread on this (UPIN) number..!
    I should have changed the title and enhanced the (Stolen Identity) issue.

    With today's "Virtual" Theft and how much easier it is via a click on the key pad
    and how profoundly it had changed my life ! You've know idea how it felt to be shunned and almost ruined and I did nothing wrong.

    No civil rights , no guns , no right to privy , a felon and I did nothing wrong.
    Do be careful where you "digitally" wonder and what protection you have.

    No idea what I had to do to fix it, Friggen EeeeeeeeeeeK..! :confused:

    I'm sorry that I didn't stress this issue way more..! This happened in 1988 by simply getting pulled over for a burned out tail light , Hand cuffs , on the ,
    Active warrant out Va , attempted man-slaughter , OH MY GOD..!

    You would think that finger prints , picture of him vs me + we worked and lived 600 miles from each-other at the same time. Nobody cared or listened.!

    The system did not lift a finger to help me. My wife and I fixed this with the help of lawyers and I did absolutely nothing wrong.....! Be careful and PROTECT your data..!

    The very worse part , my newly wife had doubts , we didn't know each-other that long , Yo , Anger , Big time..! Should have left the humor out on this one , sorry.!
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