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I have a laser bore sighting tool, but always had trouble seeing the laser light at the outdoor range. I was searching for things the other day and ran across this so decided to get it to try out.

The collimator has a grid image when you look through it, believe it's set at 100yds. Very easy to use, no batteries, you stick the correct diameter bore rod in then put it in the bore. After that you simply adjust your scope to get things on center.

Only issues I have with it are: (1) the rods are not a snug/tight fit in the bore and can easily be canted, but easy enough to adjust and (2) it's a fixed height from bore center to center of the grid screen, so if you have high scope mounts it's useless. Doubt it would work on an AR type frame.

I have scopes on my CZ527 (7.62x39), Ruger 10/22 International, and Rossi RB22, all 3 were easy to align using this collimator, 2 of the rifles use low scope rings, the 3rd uses medium height rings. The real test is yet to come, I haven't been able to get to the range to see if I'm on paper or not.

Product seems to be sturdy, all metal construction. $50 for the kit.
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