! bought a .308 but I wanted.......

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    I recently bought a .308 Mberg 100 atr w/ scope but I wanted a .243 Savage axis. I've mostly hunted with 06's or 308's but decided I wanted something easier on my shoulder. I've known several people over the years that have used the .243Win. and they've all had good results on Georgia whitetails. I like Savage rifles so a Savage Axis in .243 seemed like just the ticket for me.
    Well guess what! I could find the rifle but not the ammo. I found some 243's at wally world loaded w/ Barnes bullet for 45.95 dollars plus tax but all I wanted was some good old fashioned Cor-lokts. I was going to buy 3 or 4 boxes of hunting ammo and since I don't hunt much anymore I'd be set for next couple of decades. I could have been patient but when ya' want another rifle it's difficult. I personally blame Obama and Feinstein.
    I've never owned a .243 and don't have any cases or bullets stashed away but I do have .308 win and 06' cases, bullets, etc.. Soooooo .308 it is. Hell I'm gonna use some 125's at around 2700 fps. so recoils gonna be similar to a .243.
    I know, you're thinking "what a wuss"! 308's don't kick all that hard to start with. And of course you're correct. It's not the recoil, it's the challenge of loading a light recoiling 308 that will still drop a deer in it's tracks.
    The reason I ended up with the Mossberg and not the Savage is because I tried the LBA trigger and I was impressed. Wow. Gotta' have one. So far I'm real happy with my decision. Light, accurate, and inexpensive enough that I won't worry about scratching/dinging the plastic stock.

    The best way of choosing a hunting rifle is climb up in a deer stand and hold one rifle in each hand, over the edge. The rifle you're the most willing to let drop to the ground is the rifle to hunt with. I'm just not going to drag an expensive rifle through the woods, swamps, and up a tree anymore. I'm not worried about losing the trophy of a lifetime. I'd shoot through the antlers of a 12 pointer to get to a nice tender doe.
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    Both the .243 and .308 are great deer rounds.

    And I have a .308 that weighs 6 lbs. It will put marks on you, and leave tears in your eyes!
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    My Ruger .308 is only 6 lbs and it don't seem to kick at all,feels like a .22 to me,but you must know my last main deer rifle was a .444 marlin and to me shooting 20 rounds in a row of .444's wasn't that brutal and I am pretty big.
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    I bought a Stevens 200 in .308 because of the way it felt and its light weight. It seems to have a much heaver kick than my 30.06s, Mosin and my 8mm Mausers. The felt recoil isn't in the shoulder, but on the cheek as weird as it may sound, It has the most recoil of all my rifles:confused:
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    I just got a Ruger Scout rifle, it is a 308, and was pleasantly surprised at how light the felt recoil is. I have owned both 243's and 308's in the past that 'hurt'!!!:D
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    Look at the 6mm Remington instead of the .243.

    It has about a 100 FPS velocity advantage, and the longer necked case is easier to handload.
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    That was the Steel receiver 1981 BLR .308 I had. It was abusive. Looked for one for years, sold it a year after I bought it.

    Plastic stock flexing???

    I like it! Never would have thought a 6mm(.243) in a 7x57 case. Maybe a new build or search the used racks. It's no wizz bang mag, so rack hunting may work.
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    Have a shooting buddie who showed up at range we are members three straight Sunday mornings to zero-in a scope on a Mossberg ATR 7mm08 bought by his adult son and try various reloads in the rifle, since he owned and reloaded for a 7mm-08 himself. He will tell me about the ATR, nice trigger....shoots well, might get one of these for myself. Mind you, this was quite a compliment for the Mossberg coming from him, a guy who's last two rifles came from Remington's Custom shop and will not keep a rifle that does not shoot to his standards for accuracy. As to the AXIS, based on my experiences with mine, just can't recommend it to someone wanting a low priced entry type rifle.
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    There are lighter recoil 308 loads available.
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    Love the last paragraph of your OP !
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    if my sole criterea was a true beater deer getter that i didnt care about abusing i would use one of my mosin 91/30's.
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    Using a semi-auto in .308 does absorb some recoil.
    I have a CETME and a spanish Mauser in .308 (yes, I can shoot .308 in this Mauser).
    The CETME seems to have a softer felt recoil.