Boston shoot out video....

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    Found this on the web page of a local radio station. I'm sure it's all over the web by now. The only reason I'm posting it is, I want you folks to watch and listen to it and either confirm or dispel my thoughts. At the 26 second mark it sounds like the police are taking fire from a .22 cal firearm. I could be wrong but all the other shots fired sound like larger cal., 223 more than likely. But did these guys actually have BOMBS and a .22 ? :confused:

    Not the smartest terrorists on the planet.


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    Sounds like you are right. You can also hear it again in the flurry at the end of the video.

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    A major fail and our tax dollars hard at fail . I feel so much safer and the only thing next to do is kill all suspects and witnesses..! No one to interrogate , no lies to cover up .

    What a perfect time for a major distraction , criminal war crime charges , the fall of gold prices , late night meetings in congress , what else do you think we,ll fall for..?

    Maybe a (coup)..? Funny that the FCC is control by the CIA..! Media censorship.?
    Nah....! Elimination of the Constitution..? Eeeek..!

    All hail to the KING..! :eek: