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  1. Stehling

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    I picked up a Browning Safari 30-06 and I'm considering putting on the BOSS-CR. I know there were a lot of complaints about the original, mostly due to noise. Anyone have experience with the BOSS-CR?
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    Here's the great, and suck, things about the BOSS

    If you buy a LOT of quality ammo, like 500 rounds of Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo, it's a great idea, because you can tune your rifle to your specific loads.

    Likewise - if you reload a lot of ammo at one time, the BOSS system is a great idea.

    HOWEVER, if you buy ammo a couple of hundred rounds at a time, whatever is on sale or whatever you can get your hands on, it's going to be a nightmare to try and retune your rifle each and everytime based on the new load of ammo you have bought.

    I like the BOSS System for an entry level shooter with some coin in their pocket. It will give them confidence and it will keep them interested in the sport.

    All in all, for an experienced shooter who understands Cold Bore, Cold Zero, Windage, Elevation, Trajectory and the like, I think the BOSS is not a system that they need...


  3. stalkingbear

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    The BOSS is a wonderful thing, and GREATLY enhances accuracy, but you cannot retrofit an non-boss equipped rifle to the boss system-it HAS to be that way from the factory. You CAN fit it for this licensed copy however, QUE Industries muzzle tuner available from Brownells.

  4. LongRifles Inc.

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    A BOSS is nothing more than a barrel tuner with holes drilled in it.

    They've been used for years on bench rest rifles and international smallbore guns.

    As stated, if you are shooting factory loaded ammo you should buy as much of a given lot as you possibly can when you tune your gun. Cause the minute you change anything (ANYTHING) the group center/size is going to change.

    It's a double edged sword. If your hand loading then I think it's silly to have one since you can tailor the load to the gun.

    Nevermind that they look like azz.

    I've made a number of these for competitive guns and they do work. If you want one but don't want the noise, I can whip you up a barrel tuner that'll do the same thing.

    PM if your interested.

  5. Gene L

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    They hurt my ears. :eek:
  6. cpttango30

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    barrel tuners are good for rimfire bench guns because that is how you tune your rifle to the ammo you are shooting. For centerfire guns it is worthless in my eyes. Just another gizmo the make you think your better than other guys on the range.
  7. hunter Joe

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    I had a boss on a 300 win. mag. Occasionally pissed the guy off at the next bench. It was accurate as a mo-fo. Highly recommended.
  8. stalkingbear

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    The BOSS does work and even have CR=conventional recoil module available but as previous poster stated, you're doing exactly the same thing reloaders do when working up a load. How it works is it dampens or changes the vibration harmonics of the barrel (muzzle) so that the bullet exits at the same point in the vibration cycle every time, or as close as possible.