Bore Sighting After a Ring Height Increase?

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  1. gapi

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    I have remounted my scope on higher rings.

    The bore sight record you see here is with the low rings.
    This hart was recorded after I was shooting on the desired bulls eye.

    So after putting higher rings on, if I dial in the scope to match the chart will it be on the same POI?

  2. WebleyFosbery38

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    doubtful that it will match perfectly, microscopic changes in elevation or wind-age due to mounting difference will amplify imperfections and cause deviations from "the norm". I prolly was issued about 20 diff m16's over 21 years and my BSZ varied between them even though they were semi fixed post sights with standard rear el/ wind adjustments.

    The second you add glass, more mounts, sensitivity and other factors into the equation,---> unless your a sniper with the training of a doctor (and have your own armor)and a weapon with optics that cost more than a brand new Mercedes Benz, its unlikely you wont have to zero and confirm it regularly without bullets in paper at a verifiable distance if you want the real answer to the question, shoot it and see how it does!
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  3. JTJ

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    No. The angle of incidence will be sightly different and it does not take much to change the POI. It should be close enough to get on paper and adjust. Your POI at all ranges will be affected by the change in angle caused by the change in bore to scope distance.
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    I didn't want to assume.