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    One way to wake up the neighbourhood...

    'Sorry about the noise'


    March 14, 2010

    An explosion which destroyed a house at Springfield in Brisbane’s west on Friday night was caused by a massive drug lab, according to police.

    More than 150 people swarmed the small cul-de-sac of Dove Place just after 9pm on Friday night after an enormous "boom" shook the windows of neighbouring houses three blocks back.

    Despite the massive noise and the sickly sweet smell in the air, only three people in the entire neighbourhood called police – and were then met with scepticism.

    "The police at first thought it would be some kids down at the park, they thought it was a prank," one neighbour said.

    "They took over 20 minutes to get here because they didn’t believe there was anything wrong. They got a shock when they got here though!"

    What police uncovered when they arrived at the rental property was a massive illicit drug lab where an unusual pressure cooker technique was being used to make ecstasy, a police spokesman said.

    Senior Sergeant Gareth James said the house had been blown a quarter of an inch off its foundations.

    Neighbour Elsi Kohlmann said her whole house shook from the impact of the blast.

    However, when she went to investigate and check that her neighbours were not hurt, she was told they were fine.

    "I went up to the house and called out to see if they were alright and the man shouted out that they were fine," she said.

    "Then a woman came out and said ‘sorry about the noise, our gas bottle has exploded’. Then I went home. I had no idea it was something so sinister."

    Ms Kohlmann said her street was full of families and young children and was shocked she had alleged drug dealers living next door.

    "It is very scary to think that we have had people like this living right next door to us and we had no idea," she said.

    A 30-year-old man was treated for minor injuries and charged with possessing anything used in the commission of crime. He appeared in a closed court at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Saturday morning.

    Drug lab explosion: 'Sorry about the noise'

    Ha, lol. Well I guess you're not going to say "Sorry our drug lab exploded" :p
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    Bloody hell, it's another one...only blew the roof off this time:

    Sydney 'lab' blast: burnt man arrested

    March 15, 2010 - 4:49PM

    A badly injured man today turned himself in to police investigating an explosion that set fire to a Sydney house containing a suspected drugs laboratory.

    Police say the 39-year-old man, with his lawyer, turned up at Balmain police station at midday and was taken to Concord Hospital.

    Detectives investigating the explosion, which blew the roof off the two-storey Hawthorne Street duplex in Leichhardt, noticed the man had burns on his arms, legs and face and called an ambulance.

    Police said he was in a critical condition this afternoon, but a Concord Hospital spokeswoman later said his condition was now serious but stable.

    A woman and her child, believed to be living in the back half of the duplex, escaped unhurt after the explosion, which sent debris flying all over the small street about 1.30am yesterday, police said.

    A police spokeswoman said detectives would interview the 39-year-old as soon as his condition allowed.

    Sydney 'lab' blast: burnt man arrested

    As they say, "And nothing of value was lost" :rolleyes:

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    We get fires from methamphetamine labs pretty regularly around here. Most of the small timers seem to be going to the "shake & bake" method nowadays, though. I don't know how much "safer" that is, fire-wise, but there have been a couple of incidents of kids being poisoned by the stuff while it was sitting around in a soda bottle. Silly tweekers. :rolleyes:
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    That must of been one heck of a pressure cooker huh?
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    Washington State is a Methlab capital on the West Coast. Pierce and Whatcom Counties ( I live in Pierce "proper" which is the "city" area - but the countryside is 5 times the size ) are rampant with closet meth labs. Some pieces of land have two entirely different family members' meth labs on them.

    The SWAT guys from Pierce/Metro won't use any shotguns on entries anymore and will only go in with supressed primary weapons because of the dangers.

    Meth be highly flammable yo. Best to just stay far away. :eek:
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    You know, the only drug I do is alcohol, (Which is flammable in the proper concentration) so perhaps I can't understand the appeal of something which erodes your teeth, destroys your skin, is as addictive as oxygen and the simple manufacture of which can destroy a house.
    Darwin had an opinion on this sh*t.
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    And a whole lotta chem-gear & respirators too, I bet JD...

    I can attest to the flammability of these setups personally. Guy who used to live in the flat above me was cooking meth in his bathtub...fell asleep and the whole place caught on fire. 5 fire engines turned up, they couldn't rouse him to open the door, so had to break it down. And then what happened? The dropkick abused the fireys for saving his life! I heared one of them talking to his chief on the walkway outside my window, said "Yeah, we got here just a bit too SOON" lol

    Damn right! That guy used to sit & bang a piece of 4-by-2 on his floor (ie my ceiling) in his more bored moments...would have been quite happy for the Darwin-effect (and smoke inhalation) to have done it's work there :rolleyes:
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    Maybe instead of breaching, they should sit back and use tracer rounds to shoot at the house instead.
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    I have seen some Meth lab explosions over the years. Kind of hard to feel bad for the occupants as it is impossible to mask the odor for long. The neighbors are another issue. We get very few labs these days as most of the Meth is being imported from Mexico after the controls over Pseudo-ephredrine.
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    That's a common border for you, robo. Here we have roughly 59,000+kms of coastline to slip things though. Even without corrupt ports employees :rolleyes:

    Furniture container held 'ice' ingredients