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    so the other day i was at a book store and noticed they carried a few training and other kinds of books for firearms. i flipped throu a few of them but didnt buy any. i also saw one on glocks. i cant remember the name of it but i remember it was VOL. 2.

    I guess what i'm getting to is. have any of you picked up books as these and they helped or just make for a good informative read?

    i am thinking about picking a few of them up but dont want to waste my money if its junk. i am planning on taking classes but knowledge never hurt anyone.
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    I have found the "Gun Digest" Firearms Assembly & Disassembly Manuals extremely helpful. I have them for centerfire rifle, shotgun, semiautomatic pistols and revolvers. They cost around $25.-$30. each and are well worth having.

    I also have Stephen Camp's most excellent Hi Power manual.

    I don't have, but would really like to have Jerry Kunhausen's 1911 manuals someday as well.

    In the interim, a good buddy of mine is an "advanced tinkerer" and is available for help and the internet has been invaluable.

    I've rebuilt two rifles, an M1 carbine and a Marlin 1895SS, done a trigger job on a Ruger GP100, and am rebuilding and refinishing a S&W model 37 right now.

    I've also done simple stuff like change out recoil springs, sights and other parts as well.

    The hardest part is doing the first one. After that, confidence builds and stuff makes more sense as you get into it. ;)
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    I read from as many different firearms related magazines and books as possible. It's very informative to see different viewpoints and theories, and I think taking many different theories and adapting them to your own situations and lifestyle is the best thing anybody can do.

    Firearms magazines are a great source of information. Don't take the article author's words as law, though. Some of these magazines can be very opinionated, so keep that in mind. A big plus is magazines are cheap when you purchase a subscription, and there is usually many different topics you can choose from (rifles, handguns, tactical, hunting, reloading, etc, etc...).
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    One good "tactical" book I've heard of is "Green Eyes and Black Rifles". I haven't had a chance to find it though, but its been recomended to me by more than a few bad asses.