bolt assembly abuse. wasr 10/63

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  1. MajorMoeDown47

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    i was cleaning my akm or ak47 rifle and i descided to clean the bolt assembly completly and it was a pain to get back together. i just got it back together but i abused the pins a little with the hammer and its hard to take back apart. what im trying to get at is. do i buy a new bolt assembly or keep.using the same one its functional still but trying to take it apart is hard now since i mushroomed the ends of thos pins with a hammer can it still work i rack it and it cycles like normal. im just worried about that bolt any help please im able to put picutres if that helps.
  2. 7.62 Man

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    You shouldn't need to beat on the pins if you do that means something is in wrong.
    Here is a video showing how to disassemble, clean & re-assemble your AK bolt.


  3. JonM

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    order new pin and follow the vid. should be fine