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  1. Garadex

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    Hat is the best all around rifle action for s bolt gun in terms of reliability, accuracy, strength and weight? I understand there is no perfect action but what is all around exceptional?
  2. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    there are several to choose from that are quite excellent as far as bolt actions. the Remington M700, the Winchester M70, the Ruger M77, the Savage Models 110, 10, 11, 111, 112, 16, 116, the Howa 1500 or the Weatherby Vanguard, any of the Mauser actioned rifles and many others that are available. there are also custom made actions that are quite good but can be very pricey.

    alot depends on your budget and intended use and personal preference plays a big part. most any action from a name brand will be quite good.

  3. 75370

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    All around reliability, accuracy, M-70 CRF Win.
    Brownings shouldn't be discounted. My A-bolt HB with it's 3 lug floating head is one the most accurate rifles I have.
  4. gunnut07

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    Remington 700 is my favorite for many reasons. It has a much stronger action that others. The round action design allows for less material to be used to get the same strength as the OTHER actions. It is a favorite of the military, and many compatition shooters the world over. Go to an F-TR match and see who has more actions on the line than Remington. I know guys who built their one tube guns and use nothing but Remington 700 actions. They are shooting 190+ 10x with OPEN sights at 1k. If the 1911 is such a great pistol because it is so copied then the M 700 is a great rifle action. If you look at any of the top custom action makers they all have a M700 clone. Don't see anyone cloning the savage action or the Howa action.

    Some people hate on the M700 because it is a push feed and not control round feed. How often are you shooting your gun sideways or upside down for it to even matter? I have had 20+ Remington 700's in my life and not a single one has ever failed on me nor has one ever shot worse than 1" at 100 yards for a 10 shot group. A 1" deer rifle with factory ammo is a great shooting gun.

    That is me. Just about any of the name brand of rifles out there today are going to be good quality actions. With the use of CNC lathes, mills and cutting equipment the level of accuracy in the shooting industry today is unmatched at any other time.
  5. Dillinger

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    The Winchester Pre-'64 is about as solid an action as you are going to find, assuming you can find one. It's American made and you would search long and hard to find a more complete platform, though it is very difficult to machine and blueprint. In fact, it's hell on tooling. :eek:

    Gunnut loves him some Remmy 700's, and I can't fade him for his love. He shoots them fair and they have served him well in his poor shooting life. :D LOL

    The Howa 1500 is a relatively "new" rifle action in the terms of whom they are going head to head with in the market. They only acquired their gun building rights in 2000 despite the fact they have been machining and manufacturing all sorts of items since 1907.

    In 12 years they have made such a name for themselves all the major stock builders and trigger makers have a HOWA compatible model in their line ups.

    They also are the single source for a little company called Weatherby in their Vanguard line, a positional foothold in the American market that a lot of companies wanted. Howa won out. Just sayin'.....

    Having got that information out there.....:cool:

    What are you looking to do? Build a bolt action for hunting? Buy a ready made rifle? Build a benchrest platform?
  6. Werminator

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    I couldn't be happier with my Winchester model 70... in. 243 it makes a great deer rifle... my dad had a season where his 700 wasn't striking primers hard enough to detonate so he snagged my rifle and filled his tags! I like the 3 position safety as well...
  7. locutus

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    Winchester 70, K-98 Mauser, Remington XB and 700, Waetherby Mark V, and Sako

    Unless you want to spend big bucks, then get an Accuracy International.
  8. Garadex

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    I'm not planning on doing anything I just like to learn. One day i'll use this information just not anytime too soon.
  9. hardluk1

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    Guess by now should have no idea whats best!! Go to a few gun shops and handle a some and buy one that fits your budget that you like. You can allways get a below average shooter or a above average rifle from anyone today. You can buy a very basic model that will shoot as well as a limited addition model for 1/3 the money too. Even with caliber . I don't like to see a new hunter use a 243 as it does take better than average bullet placement but for deer hunting most any caliber will work fine also.
  10. ineverFTF

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    For a modern gun the remington 700. For an older gun the mauser action was fantastic. I think the remington 700 action is modeled after the mauser.
  11. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    If you don't have immediate plans on building a rifle, buy a couple of good used factory rifles, and get the "feel" of them.

    Get different brands, and in a couple of years, trade them for other brands.

    After a while, you'll know from personal experience exactly what you want.:)
  12. Intheshop

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    Agree with above.As much as I love our Savages for the daily grind of hunting,and certain engineering....they sure ain't gonna win any beauty contest's.

    What qualities one person requires or desires....may be way down the next guy's check list.Handling guns in a store is great,but its only after you've "lived" with it that you learn to fully appreciate its good points and notso good points.