Bolt action vs semi auto

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  1. warhawk77

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    I see a lot of people saying bolt actions are more accurate then semi auto.

    Can anyone tell me why that is?
  2. jpattersonnh

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    A semi auto uses the energy from the round to cycle the action. A bolt gun supports the round more completely and is ridged, making it more accurate as it is identical every time.

  3. ninjatoth

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    Bolt action rifles typically have longer barrels than semi auto's,that might play a part in it,also all your gas is going forward in a bolt action and not going backwards to cycle the gun in a semi auto,that may also play a part,or maybe mentally knowing you can't squeeze the trigger a second time with a bolt action plays a part??Just speculations.:confused:
  4. warhawk77

    warhawk77 New Member

    That does make sense thanks for the info.
  5. jismail

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    I think the mechanics of the moving bolt verse fixed bolt have something to do with it on a single shot comparison, but for an overall accuracy picture, I agree with the previous post that a bolt action tends to slow down the shooter and that enables them to make each shot more accurate, thus making the groups better, because it isnt a rapid fire scenario anymore.
  6. Lindenwood

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    There are some really accurate semi-autos out there, so it isn't nearly as big of a different as some might think. For example, there are plenty of 1/2MOA AR15s out there. There are 10/22s out there shooting 1MOA, and there aren't too many bolt-action .22lrs shooting more accurately than that.

    I think the biggest difference is how they are built rather than whether or not the bolt moves on its own. It is true that for straight blowback guns (like semi-auto .22s), the bolt does begin to move before the bullet has left the gun, meaning the barrel undergoes some extra vibrations from the shifting of the bolt off the chamber face and within the action. For a $200 gun, it is much easier to make a bolt-action with a sturdy lockup than it is to make a semi-auto with a consistent action. But, as stated, there are PLENTY of super-accurate semi-autos, it's just that they are harder to build :) .

    And, indeed, people do buy bolt-actions for their accuracy and thus makers have to put more accuracy-condusive features into them for a given market price (heavier barrels, better stocks, etc) than the 10/22s that most people buy to just shoot cans and stuff inside 50 yards.
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  7. big shrek

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    Warhawk77, with the Marlin 70 you already own, you've probably seen well under 1-MOA precision, especially if you've tuned it.
    It can use brand new 795 if you need more mags, there ya go.
    It can also use the Boyd's laminate Marlin stocks for Semi-auto's (60/795 labeled).
    And it can benefit from a DIP Target Trigger & Trigger guard combo...
    Finally, a set of Tech Sights or a Marlin 25MN adjustable rear sight will have you working wonders at the range/hunting :)
    Or a Redfield or Marbles target peep...mmmmm :D

    Add in a good pillar-bedding job and you can go toe-to-toe with the best.
    It all depends on what you wanna do, or not do!

    Marlin 795, Ramline stock, SR Bipod, DIP Target Trigger & Guard, Razor Sling, Numrich Adjustable 25MN rear sight...

    I've done even more since this pic, but have been lazy & need to shoot more pics once the Twin Boys start sleeping all night...argh.
    Added a DIP Pic rail & Weaver Top-off rings & a Simmons Scope.

    Marlin 795 in an Airsoft P90 stock...You are limited only by your imagination and carving skills!!
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