Bolt action or autoloader, which more accurate?

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    I'm looking to get a new 22lr rifle: I want the most accurate rifle I can find, in a non-target (carry) type, 4.5-6 lb rifle, price range $150-400. I thought I had heard somewhere that bolt action rifles are considered to be more accurate than autoloaders. In your opinion is that true? Two models I'm considering are the Marlin model 60 autoloader, and the Marlin 980/981 bolt action rifle. I already own a CZ 452 Lux.
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    Welcome to the Forum Triple W -

    Yes, as a standard rule, any bolt action rifle, when properly assembled, will be more accurate than any multi-shot, semi automatic feed rifle when properly assembled, assuming there are no custom parts installed in either unit. Apples to Apples.

    In a .22lr are you going to be shooting at such a range, at such a small surface area, that the average shooter will be able to tell the difference? Probably not.

    Unless you were planning on competing with the rifle in some sort of .22lr contest, I don't think either rifle is going to disappoint in the accuracy department.


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    With a lot of people, the mindset when firing a bolt-action is different than those firing a semi-auto. That alone makes a huge difference in how they target.

    The Marlin 60 is about 3 times more accurate that your baseline 10/22 due to the nifty Microgroove barrel & better workmanship :D

    Marlin Bolt-Actions...simply irresistable :D But I'd suggest the .22 Magnum Marlins...nice shooters & more range than a .22LR for around $30 more. I've got a 25MN and it's a cloverleaf shooter when I'm operating it properly:D

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    Woods, you're going to get a million different opinions--here's Mine-my first rifle (bought in 1968) Marlin Golden 39A. Very accurate lever gun-will NOT leave my family. I have a lot of fun nowadays with Ruger 10-22's. As accurate as I am, with my 55 year old eyes, and neet to customize. Each has his own opinion, but YES the bolt gun is the MOST accurate, do to the cam locking of the action. As stated before, most shooters will not be able to tell the difference, due to their own shooting habits. Welcome to the forum, and buy the gun that you like BEST!!:):)
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    IMHO, MOST rifles are more accurate than MOST shooters! In 22 rimfire, I have bolt actions. And autos. And lever actions. And pumps. Even 1 top-break. The MOST accurate rifle I have is a bolt action- but you may be talking a 1/2 inch larger shot group at 50 yds. And to go from a 1/2 inch 5 shot group to a 1/4 inch 5 shot group may cost you a few thousand dollars! Unless you are into dead-nuts SERIOUS competition shooting, find a 22 that you like, and go shoot it. Auto, bolt, lever, or whatever. The Marlins are both good rifles- and the Ruger 10-22 is also a good rifle (with work!) Most of the true target rifles are far too heavy for a "carry" rifle- and most shooting that you are doing while carrying is standing, sitting, kneeling, and the heavy target rifles seems to work best from benchrest or prone-

    Now for the mandatory plug that everyone that knows me knows is coming- go to the website for ODCMP (Civilian Marksmanship- a quasi governmental agency) These folks are best known for their sales of M-1 Garands and M-1 Carbines. But look thru their sales list, and look at the Mossberg 44US target rifles. For less than $200. Yes, they are heavy. For 99 out of 100 shooters, that rifle will shoot better than you ever will. (Mine does) Now get off da computer, find a kid, take them shooting. That's where I am headed right now. Bye!:p
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    Me I prefer older rimfires. My 50 year old Remington 511 x will shoot right with any factory rifle coming out today.

    The Ruger can be very accurate as Stalking bear will be by to tell us. But I myself am not much of a 10/22 fan. Although I do plan on getting a Ruger Charger.

    My newest challange is on its way right now. It is a Mossberg Model 46(B) b. It needs some work but I am up to the challenge.

    If you want a rifle to work on and make your own there is nothing like the Ruger 10/22 it is like having a rifle that is made out of lego's you can take it apart and rebuilt it in a matter of no time.

    If you want a rimfire to shoot and enjoy then there are tons of them out there. From the $200 Savage to the $1000 Weatherby mark XXII.
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    "If you want a rimfire to shoot and enjoy then there are tons of them out there. From the $200 Savage to the $1000 Weatherby mark XXII."

    I can tell anyone that if they want a Weatherby Mark XXII for $1000 I will personally find all you want. Now that being said they are in my opinion one of the worst 22's out there except for a model 60 Marlin. I'm a Marlin fan and will stand beside them except for the 60's, 70's, and 80's depending on who they were made for.
    Now the older bolt actions and the lever action versions, yes Marlins are at the top of the list. (and here it comes, the arguement of all time) the Rugers 10/22 and 77/22 are in the best of best in my opinion. They are American made and will shoot with the best of them out there in the right hands and with alittle modification?
    NOW, if you are going to shoot competion, there are special made target rifles out there, that you will need and will serve you well. However, if you want a very nice rifle that will be a shooter and hunting buddy, pick a Ruger(bolt or semi) or a Marlin lever or older version bolt action. But again just my experience and opinion. Hope this helps, if you have other questions please feel free to e-mail me [email protected]