Bolt Action Firearm for Coyote Hunting?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by countrybumpkin, May 22, 2007.

  1. countrybumpkin

    countrybumpkin New Member

    I am looking for a low priced .223 bolt action firearm for coyote hunting. It HAS to be light... so Varmint rifles are out. Any suggestions?
  2. Brent L

    Brent L New Member

    They will not be cheap. Go the used route:
    Remington Model 7,600,660, or 788. Good used ones will run in the neighborhood of 4 or 500$.

    Why limit yourself to a bolt gun? I suggest you check out Rossi and NEF break actions. Light accurate and CHEEEEEEP. Scope mountable and slingable.

    I'm reading between the lines here, but I'm assuming you are looking for the "run and gun" rifle?

  3. arrowone

    arrowone New Member

    ruger 77 in 223 comes in a lightweight version..

    you can find one used for around 400 and new for little over 500.
  4. Bidah

    Bidah New Member

    I will second the NEF Handi Rifles.

    How about a Savage?
  5. leland

    leland New Member

    to bad I have a sweet rem 600 .222 that plays hell on yotes ,but you probley would not want it .
  6. Gun Looney

    Gun Looney New Member

    One of the rifles I use for calling coyotes is a Rem 700 ADL synthetic. It's got a 24" barrel which helps milk a little extra velocity, AND keeps the muzzle blast a little farther from my unprotected ears. The matt black finish hides well enough, but a couple of my pards have camo'd theirs in a sage brush pattern that looks great.
  7. Catfish

    Catfish New Member

    I think that the best buy on the market right now is the CZ 527. They come with a single set trigger and the lite barreled one I got in .204 is a real tack driver. If your just wanting something cheap that will do the job the NEF single shot are real good for the money.
  8. 1984cj

    1984cj New Member

    How about an old style Thompson Contender?
    You can put barrels on it for;
    .22 LR, Mag
    .204 Ruger
    .250 Savage
    .284 (7-30 Waters)
    and more.
    Barells come in 10", 12", 14", 16", 21", 23"
    So if you buy one frame you can conciecably have all of these different caliber rifles and pistols simply by adding a new barrel.
  9. longshot

    longshot New Member


    Have you looked at the Steven's line of rifles? I coyote hunt with a Steven's .233. It's a great bolt action rifle, built off the Savage line. It will run you just a little over $300. I picked up some spray paint at the hardware store and gave mine a custom camo paint job. It's a quality rifle at a very resonable price with the accuracy of the Savage line.
  10. rickrem700

    rickrem700 New Member


    I've got to agree with Catfish The .204 is devestating on small game and recoil is next to nothing Mine is in Remington 700 but my oldest boy wants the CZ 527 after shooting mine, and he was a 22-250 freak, he says he is born again after playing with the .204 I also agree with the Nef Great gun with out going broke, gives a person a chance to play with other cal's you normaly would not have got to play with, if you had to spend 6-9 hundred a pop, pretty neat!!!
  11. Catfish

    Catfish New Member

    If you are going to use the .204 on coyote DO NOT use Sierra bullets. I hit 4 in 1 day and never got a 1 of them. I knocked 1 of them down hard 3 time and he still got away. I hit 1 with the .204 and then ran over him with my truck, he also got away. I called Sierra and they said their bullets were for lite varments and not for coyote. I have never shot a coyote with the Hornady bullets, and I know that they are alittle thicker jacketed, but from what I`ve seen on groundhogs, I don`t think that they are tough enough eather. From what I`m hearing the 35 gn. Bergers are the choice of coyote hunters useing the .204.
  12. Tilt

    Tilt New Member

    Also with the NEF rifles you can get different cal. barrels just like the Thompsons, and it cost alot less. Only bad thing is you have to send the reciever in for the new barrels to be fitted to it.