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  1. firemonkey150

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    Anyone have any experience with what the life of this pistol is like? I handled and shot one and loved the feel of the pistol, but it felt super light (for obvious reasons). Was curious if anyone had any experience on the round count of these guns before they needed work done or were rendered inoperable?
  2. c3shooter

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    Which Bodyguard? They were first made as an alloy framed .38 Special, later to be called the Model 38, then a steel version, then a different alloy, then a stainless, then a .357, then an alloy .357, etc ad infinitum. I THINK they are up to 687 or something like that.

    Great gun to carry, lousy gun to shoot. But if you were working in civvies, it did what it was meant to do- fire 5 rounds reliably with the muzzle tucked between the ribs of some hobgoblin at 0 range.

    Lousy gun to shoot- with hot loads, it hurts. Run two boxes of hot ammo thru them, and your hand will probably feel pins & needles. Never met anyone that had the gumption to wear one out. And with wadcutters, would last longer than you.

    OTOH, a damned good carry gun. Sorry, realize that is not a specific answer- just never saw one that had been shot out.

  3. nixfix

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    There is the 380, which is quite fun to shoot. Heavy trigger but plenty accurate at 10 yards.

    But, like you, I have no idea which the OP is referring to.
  4. Donn

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    Pistol or revolver? I've got the Bodyguard 38 and it's a stinker. 100 or so rounds thru it and the slop in the cylinder was so bad timing was an issue. Sent it back to S&W, ran 50 rounds thru it upon return and it loosened up again. It's going back to S&W for a second time. When I get it back, I'm dumping it ASAP.
  5. Jorgy

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    In my opinion this is a fine pistol. Great carry weapon. Critics claim that their hands can not withstand 100+ rounds. Well, the Bodyguard .380 is not meant to be a range weapon; it is designed for carry. It is highly accurate in my experience. I love it.
  6. Nun

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    Bought the 380 because many reviews about how accurate it was. It is extremely accurate for a pocket pistol. Yes it does have a long trigger but as a pocket gun that's what you want. Don't want to shoot yourself in the @$$ while your trying to pull it out. And it's a Smith.
  7. Rentacop

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    To shoot the new Bodyguard revolver accurately, you must correct sight alignment constantly as you press the trigger . Sight alignment is critical with the short sight radius and nothing much to hold onto . It is a good pocket gun because it has revolver reliability . It has no exposed hammer to snag on clothing . The newest ones are part polymer and absorb recoil acceptably . I recommend standard to light loads . The gun is not fun to shoot and is not a gun to use to break up a bank robbery . It is good for pocket carry and as a backup gun .

    Small autos can jam because so much happens in so little space . Autos can jam from slide interference if fired from inside a pocket .
  8. ScottA

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    Fun to shoot? Not a description I would use for the pistol. And I am one of those critics who say that more than 100 rounds is close to torture. The 200 round break-in was a chore I hope not to repeat.
  9. firemonkey150

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    Apologize guys, meant the .380 auto smith came out with fairly recently.
  10. firemonkey150

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    Was looking to get one for EDC; full size beretta storm .40 is my only other handgun. Gets a bit troublesome at times to carry concealed.
  11. PalmettoG27

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    I really like mine a lot. I use it for concealed carry all the time and as by back up gun at work. I shoot it behind my house all the time at old beer and Soda cans. Very fun to shoot, I would expect more recoil from such a small gun but it shoots nice.

    I have maybe 300rds through her. Like a Glock, it will probably last forever.