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    I finally got a Body Guard 380 and while I have many S&W firearms I'm very dissapointed in this.

    The trigger pull is extreamly long and over 9# - - this just leaves accuracy in the dust. Trigger pull dry firing is more in the 6# range - - - what would make this differance? At 10 yards I had 3 rounds in a 2" group and the other 3 were still with in a 6" group but I feel this is terrible.

    At 25 Yards I am able to keep all 6 on the paper but in a 12" spread. In daylight the lazer site cannot be seen beyond 10 yards - - - I will check this again this evening.

    I feel if this could be fired single action it would be a great little weapon.

    I feel I will still use it as my CCW as it is very light, small, should be easy to keep clean but I would sure feel better if the trigger pull was more like my 5906 of even like my 22A1 or my old Remmington Rand 1911 A1 that my dad carried in WW2.

    I guess I should have rented one first as I would not have bought this!

    I also have a SW9VE that is double action only and I do not recommend it to any one either - - from now on if it is double action only I will pass.
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    I don't know what you were is at best a ten yard or far closer pistol. It's size, weight and trigger expresses it's intended use, wanting anything more than that...well you purchased the wrong pistol to meet your need. If you know of a better pistol that fits the bill let us know. Me I'm pretty happy with a S&W 642 for light carry, All the same I have shot the body guard and found it to be a fine pistol for the intended use.
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    I have the bodyguard semi auto as well and used it as a conceal pistol for six months before my kimber solo came in. I agree that the trigger pull was a bit much but i kinda expected that. But if an encounter would ever happen to where i had to use my pistol i think my adrenaline would kick in and i wouldnt even notice it. But while practicing with it i was not the most accurrate dude out there. When i moved into a 5-7 yard range my groups got better. If you find the pull that distracting see if you can get it adjusted as I did with my Glocks. Have a good weekend. Ed
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    I thought I might be over reacting so I took my wife and daughter to the range ( yes it is on my property )

    My daughter is a Lance Corporal in the Corps and my wife has been shooting for several decades.

    The only way either of them can fire the weapon is to pull up the slack with their right index finger, then overlay the left index finger and pull with both!

    One thing about it if more people carried weapons like that you would not have children shooting them as it would not be possible!

    I tried to take it back to my dealer and was told that I was one of about 1/2 of his customers that wanted their money back and he would not take it back even with a $50.00 discount! This is after 2 days and less than one box of shells!

    I ask the dealer why he did not explain the merrits and detractions of the pistol if someone was interested in it. He did not have a good answer - - - he will not get anymore of my business!

    When you have a 50% dis-satisfaction rate it will not bode well with future sales!

    I started carring a Model 60 Chief's Special as a back-up / CCW in 1975 when I joined the local Sheriff's Dept and when firing single action I can still hold a 3" group with it ( 1 5/8" barrell ) at 20 yards. I took my old Model 22 A1 out and fired 3 mags thru it and maintained a 2" group of 28 rounds at 25 yards and the other two were still in the black .

    To go from that to a 6" 6 round group at 10 yards is unacceptable!

    I love everything about the weapon except the trigger pull and if someone comes out with a similar weapon that will function single / double action I will try it out.

    My 5906 can be fired double action before going to single and the trigger pull is about half when it is in double action mode of the Body Guard 380 so I can't firure why Smith is willing to accept the BD 380!

    Just my first dissapointment of a Smith and I have 23 in my safe right now starting with the Model 10 38 bull barrel I was first issued in 1975

    And I think that is my major problem - - - I have become accustomed to the high standards of a Smith over the years and feel this does not come close to what I am accustomed to!
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    I have a Bodyguard 380 as well, but what you have described is exactly why the gun was designed. It's a pocket gun. It's supposed to have a long DAO trigger. I can fire mine with good accuracy out to about 15 yards and that's what it is designed for.

    As for the laser, check the laser aperture. It's gets dirty very quickly sitting right underneath that short barrel.

    If you still don't like the trigger, I suggest you check out the Sig 238. It has a very crisp SAO trigger in the same form factor as the S&W. IMO, it is not a gun I would carry in my pocket for that very reason.
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    Just sell it and be done with it if you don't like it.

    I would get all pissy and tell you it's NOT a 25 yard gun, but that doesn't even seem to be the biggest problem to you, sounds like you hate the trigger pull more, and the overall accuracy.

    Yeah just get rid of it, life's too short to spend time on anything that's not worth it.

    Put it in the sale forum.