Body Chemistry and rust

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    Most of you guys know I started a new job resently and part of my new job involves fabrication and sheet metal work. Thru handling bear metal I've found that whatever I touch starts to rust and I mean everything! It's to the point that if I'm using and older tool, a punch, have used the shear, anything that isn't coated, I have to wipe it down with some type of oil. The guy I work for was telling me it has something to do with my body chemistry which may be true althought I've never had a problem like this in the past. I was curious if anyone else has seen something like this or knows anything about it.

    I'm sure I'll hear about my Kimber for this post but I have never had a problem with rust on any of my weapons and I was upset.

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    Does that mean you have a "caustic" personality, Spitty? may be a super hero in disguise that does not know of his super power to turn metal to degrading rust upon your touch. that would be cool. :D Rustman!!! Working at his mild manner job of sheet metal fabrication guy, only to hark the call of evildoers and turn their weapons to useless red powder with a mere touch of his gifted hands. :D I see a comic book in the future Bro. :D

    Seriously, some people have minor added increase one way or the other of the pH balance of their body with a balance of acid and alkaline, if one or the other is a little too high, the body adjusts itself to maintain a perfect balance of 7.0. Your body may swing past the neutral depending on your diet and digestion of foods at times to contribute to your superpower, and I do not think you are alone with these common pH level swings or powers. ;)

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    You may want to start wearing the nytril (Rubber gloves). The oil on your skin attracts moister and we all know what moister does to metal in the white.

    Machine took are also going to have a higher amount of carbon in them and that is why they rust faster as well... Like the best High Carbon kitchen knives will rust like crazy if you don't take proper care of them by hand washing in mild soap and then drying ASAP I have been known to wipe a coat of oil on them when I oil my cutting boards.
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    I've seen machinists who can't touch any metals without a reaction on the metal. It happens with carbon steels, bronze, brass et al. It can be a mixture of things. If you eat highly acidic foods like oranges and such, it can make it worse. Nitrile gloves, or just carry a rag with you and wipe down the metals after you touch them. If we ever meet, remind me to not shake your hand. Also, sweat is basically salt water.
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    Dang Kimber probably infected you!
    ;) had to